HID Kits

2 x BEAMERS Can-bus Ballasts


1 x Instruction Booklet

1 x installation parts package

1 x Wire Harness*

*note: Only Available in the H13-M2, 9007-M2 and H4-M2 kits.  Wiring harnesses for all the other types of kits are sold separately and can be found in accessories section.

Color temperatures (K): 3,300K, 4,300K, 6,000K, 8,000K, 10,000K, 12,000K

see the main HID page for more information on Kelvin temperature rating.


A BEAMERS HID kit offers everything you will need to install on MOST applications.  We try to offer a plug and play experience but due to advances of technology in vehicle technology, some applications may need extra parts. 

We offer 3 different types of hid kits and the type that you need is based on the configuration of your vehicles headlight housing.  Below is some information explaining the differences between the kits and what they are commonly used for.

Type 1 (High or Low) – Single Filament HID Kit

A single filament kit is used to replace low beam, high beam, or fog light applications.

Type 1 single filament kits:  H1, H3, H7, H8, H9, H10 (9140 or 9145), H11, 5202 ( H16, 9009), 880, 9005, 9006, 9012*

(*Note: Some applications may use a headlight housing with a shutter built in to control the high and low beam.  These types of housings will usually use a single filament bulb.)  


9005 HID bulb

Type 2 (High/Low) – High/Low Motorized HID Kit

The high/low hid kit is used to replace the bulbs on vehicle applications that use the same bulb for high AND low beam.

Type 2 HID kits:  H4-M2 (9003), H13-M2 (9008), 9004-M2, 9007-M2


H13-M2 HID Bulb

Type 3 (High/Low) – Dual Filament (HID/Halogen) HID Kit 

The dual filament kit replaces the bulbs on vehicle applications that use the same for high AND low beam.

Type 3 HID kits: H4 (9003), H13 (9008), 9004, 9007


H4 HID Bulb

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*Please note that the part numbers listed below are for the 6000K kits and bulbs.  We also offer 3,300K, 4,300K, 8,000K, 10,000K, and 12,000K.  At the time of purchase please specify the color temperature you wish to have for your kit.