The HID Interface Kit was designed as a solution for installing BEAMERS HID headlight conversion kits into Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles produced between late 2005 – early 2012.


Takes the pulse width modulation signal used in headlight circuits and converts the pulsing signal into a steady signal to avoid flickering of the headlights.


*Note: This kit is only required if you are installing both high AND low beam. If you are only replacing your low beam lights then you will NOT need this kit.

HID-INTKIT-D1 – 9005/9006

HID-INTKIT-D2 – H11/9005


HID-INTKIT-D4 – 9007-M2

In The Box:

  • 1 x Main Harness with Dual LCM attached
  • 1 x Dual LCM ( total of 2)
  • Interface Module
  • Blue Wire – used to feed power from one side to the other for headlights that turn off while signaling
  • Instructions
  • installation – includes tie straps and double sided adhesive pads